Capitol Lake Improvement & Protection Association 'CLIPA'
Capitol Lake
Save the Lake Preserve the Past Improve the Future
Capitol Lake
Capitol Lake Improvement & Protection Association 'CLIPA'
Save the Lake Preserve the Past Improve the Future

CLIPA White Paper

Preserving Capitol Lake - A White Paper with Recommendations

The Capitol Lake Improvement and Protection Association (CLIPA) was formed early in 2010 to provide a community led study and program that is designed to protect and improve Capitol Lake as envisioned by the community. This plan includes the management of the Deschutes Watershed, including Capitol Lake and the lower Budd Inlet.

The CLIPA Science Panel has examined over 140 Studies and working documents. The first draft of the CLIPA PLAN was made available in July 2010. The White Paper was distributed to all of the key State Agencies, to the General Administration, the Legislators, the Capitol Committee, and to the general public.

CLIPA continues to research and evaluate the studies that CLAMP used to arrive at their recommendations related to the potential of reversing over 50 years of Lake management to recreate a tidal mudflat by removing the Fifth Avenue Dam.

Overview of the CLIPA White Paper

Part 1


Introduction, Board Members, Science & Policy Panel Experts

Executive Summary

Findings & Recommendations

Purpose, Background & Authority for Stewardship

Purpose of the White Paper, Background, State Authority for Stewardship

Issues, Impacts & Assumed Benefits

Water Quality, Environmental & Economic Impacts, Misclassification of Reversion

Restoration Options

Restoration, Immediate and Future Options, Monitoring and Management, Evolving Ideas


Brief Summary of Conclusions

Part 2

CLIPA Plan Strengths

CLIPA's plan addresses ecologic, economic and practical needs

Dredge Plan

A forward-thinking approach to dredging that cost-effectively addresses needs related to water quality, environmental habit and recreational uses

Lake Maintenance Plan

Detail of the Maintenance Plan

Part 3

Financial Projections

Immediate, 10 year and 50 year cost projections for restoration and management of Capitol Lake

Cost Comparison: Lake vs Estuary

The CLIPA program cost is significantly lower than the lowest CLAMP Estuary cost


White Paper PDF versions

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