Capitol Lake Improvement & Protection Association 'CLIPA'
Capitol Lake
Save the Lake Preserve the Past Improve the Future
Capitol Lake
Capitol Lake Improvement & Protection Association 'CLIPA'
Save the Lake Preserve the Past Improve the Future

Articles, Letters & Publications

CLIPA presentation to Lacey Rotary

Bob Wubbena shares with the Lacey Rotary Club the issues surrounding Capitol Lake and the debate over whether to retain the lake or to covert it to an estuary. - January 2017 - YouTube Video, approx 27 minutes

Ruckelshaus Center Report

This December 2014 objective review identified some of the reasons why the community and the State have been unable to advance a community endorsed Plan for the long term management of Capitol Lake and the Deschutes River Urban Watershed. The Report provides insight on the challenges, and also some next steps forward.
| More about the Report | Read the full report

Letter from Justice Robert Utter to various elected officials and public entities.

"I unqualifiedly support the retention and management of Capitol Lake as beneficial to the water quality of Budd Inlet." - April 2014

The Olympian Editorial July 2013 (via the Bellingham Herald)

Final decision on Capitol Lake must reflect wishes of the community

FOWW Friends of Olympia Working Waterfront - Position Paper 2009 (10 page PDF)

OYC Olympia Yacht Club - Position Paper 2009 (4 page PDF)

Thurston County Chamber - Position Letter September 2010

“The lake as a reflecting pond has been envisioned for nearly a hundred years. The Chamber believes the lake option would best protect the viability of Heritage Park, downtown commerce, visitor industry, navigable water ways and Port operations.” - David Schaffert, President/CEO, Thurston County Chamber

Thurston County - Seven Wonders of Thurston County

"We asked our local residents to nominate what they consider to be the wonders of Thurston County. . . #1 was Capitol campus with Capitol Lake and view corridor to Puget Sound and the Olympics"

Capitol Lake is #1 of the 7 Wonders of Thurston County, according to popular vote. (2011)

In this video, Thurston County Commissioner Cathy Wolfe and State Supreme Court Justice Gerry Alexander discuss the Lake and its' merits for the community.

This is a 9 minute clip from the TCTV Video, courtesy of Thurston County Connection TCTV Videos, Producer John Tennis

Thurston County Connection - Full video 46 min. (via Vimeo)

The Seven Wonders of Thurston County

"The landscaped grounds and majestic buildings of the capitol campus in Olympia make it one of the most beautiful capitols in the nation. The campus itself is lovely, with grand buildings, cherry blossom trees, landscaped gardens, and poignant memorials. Add the sweeping views across Capitol Lake to Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, and you have a postcard-perfect setting. While you're at it, don't forget to stroll around Capitol Lake downhill from the campus; most of the residents who voted for the capitol campus say the lake is a wonder in its own right."

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