Capitol Lake Improvement & Protection Association 'CLIPA'
Capitol Lake
Save the Lake Preserve the Past Improve the Future
Capitol Lake
Capitol Lake Improvement & Protection Association 'CLIPA'
Save the Lake Preserve the Past Improve the Future

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Capitol Lake is a valuable asset to the City of Olympia and Thurston County, Washington.
Capitol Lake needs your help!

Our mission is to Preserve & Protect Capitol Lake in Olympia, Washington.
Become a Member or Volunteer - We need your help and support!

Capitol Lake Improvement & Protection Association - CLIPA

Mailing Address:
606 Columbia Street N.W. #100-C
Olympia, Wa. 98501


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CLIPA Fundraising for Media Publications

May 2017 - After many years of avoiding fundraising drives, CLIPA has been confronted with issues that make our donation request necessary. Here is why:

An anti-Lake organization, a tribe, and some Wa. State agency staff members continue to disregard facts and make public statements using flawed data. In fact, an anti-Lake organization has purchased the services of both a professional film maker and a glossy brochure producer to create and distribute emotionally packed, incomplete and misleading messages to sway public opinion.

THIS IS WHAT OUR COMMUNITY HAS BEEN FACED WITH FOR YEARS. The general public and the elected and appointed decision makers see such information and formulate faulty opinions.

CLIPA is proud to report that we have established that Capitol Lake is ecologically healthy, and is exceedingly valuable to the community. We have established that destroying the Lake is 6 times as costly as it would be to maintain the Lake; and that the Lake is more salmon friendly than a mudflat!

We need to inform the public-at-large using the newspaper, both print and online versions, and via other printed media. Of course, this costs money. We ask all who support CLIPA and Capitol Lake to make a donation now: . . . $25 - $50 - $100 - $200 - $300 - $400 - $500 . . . We will appreciate your donation of any amount you are able to give to fund our media releases.

Please don't wait - write a check payable to: CLIPA
Mail to: CLIPA 606 Columbia Street NW #100-C Olympia, Wa 98501

Thank You, CLIPA Co-Chairs: Denis Curry, Jack Havens, and Bob Wubbena

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