Capitol Lake Improvement & Protection Association 'CLIPA'
Capitol Lake
Save the Lake Preserve the Past Improve the Future
Capitol Lake
Capitol Lake Improvement & Protection Association 'CLIPA'
Save the Lake Preserve the Past Improve the Future

Capitol Lake Improvement and Protection Association - C.L.I.P.A

The Capitol Lake Improvement and Protection Association (CLIPA) is a citizen led group of local environmentalists, good government activists, business owners, and community leaders. CLIPA was formed to present an alternative platform for input for the public-at-large on the future management of Capitol Lake. We are a broad based citizens organization dedicated to:

  • Improving water quality in the entire Deschutes watershed
  • Maintaining the aesthetic value of the Capitol Lake Basin
  • Accomplishing the above at a reasonable and equitable cost

CLIPA is a non-profit corporation registered with the State of Washington and under IRS code 501 (C)(4).
Consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of contributions.

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Our partners in the effort to Save Capitol Lake include
the Olympia Yacht Club and Friends of Olympia Working Waterfront

C.L.I.P.A. White Paper - Preserving Capitol Lake - A White Paper with Recommendations

In July 2010 the CLIPA Science & Policy Panel created a realistic, science based and practical plan to improve water quality and sediment management in the Deschutes Watershed while preserving one of our state's precious icons, Capitol Lake. We believe we have addressed environmental, aesthetic, social, economic and fiscal responsibilities in a balanced manner to the benefit of the public.

View the online pages or the complete PDF file - CLIPA White Paper

About C.L.I.P.A.

CLIPA is a citizens based organization. We are citizens concerned about incomplete science and public involvement in the recent State led studies on Capitol Lake. We have formed two new groups to inform the elected officials and the general public regarding publicly available facts about the Capitol Lake.

CLIPA believes that the Capital Lake Adaptive Management Plan (CLAMP) conclusions and recommendations are seriously flawed. CLIPA wants an independent public panel - the Science and Policy Panel - to complete a review of CLAMP’s conclusions and recommendations and share it with the public.

To remain objective and supportive of the diverse interests that exist for the Olympia waterfront community, CLIPA has also formed an independent "Science and Environmental Policy Panel for Capitol Lake and Budd Inlet".

This Science and Policy Panel includes a cross section of diverse experts with expertise and extensive public and private experience.

The Panel is intended to provide an independent and objective review of CLAMP’s assessment of the ecology, fisheries, sediment management, watershed management, and community values assessment to use for community and governmental decision consideration before the long term plan is enacted.

Marc Horton, an experienced consultant and former Deputy Director of the Department of Ecology, has agreed to lead the Science and Policy Panel along with other well known and respected scientists and professionals in the Olympia area.

A larger group of Natural Resource Professionals have agreed to make themselves available to the Panel to ensure that the technical and independent evaluation of information supporting the values for the larger Deschutes, Capitol Lake, and Budd Bay environment - both the urban and water environment - are considered in a responsible manner.

The information generated by the Panel, along with the science and the regulatory facts, will be shared in a transparent and open manner to assist local elected officials, CLAMP, governmental permitting and funding agencies and the public to ask questions and to more fully understand what is at stake and what alternatives are available and practical.

CLIPA Board of Directors (November 2012)

  • Denis Curry, Co-Chair
    Retired Planning and Economic Consultant
  • Jack Havens, Co-Chair
    Retired Veterinarian and Salmon Club Officer
  • Bob Wubbena, Co-Chair
    Professional Engineer, Watershed Management Expert and Marina Owner
  • Jay Allen, Membership
    Retired from Washington State Dept. Transportation
  • Jewel Goddard, Treasurer
    Retired Oregon State Director of Children’s Services, Community Activist
  • Joseph Beaulieu
    Retired Community Banker, Non-profit Executive
  • Les Eldridge
    Author and retired County Commissioner and State Administrator
  • Bob Holman
    Retired Water Quality Control Engineer
  • Allen Miller
    Environmental Attorney, School Board Member and Heritage Park leader
  • Don Melnick
    Retired Civil Engineer and current chair of the CLIPA Science and Policy Panel
  • Ron Rants
    Olympia businessman
  • Mary Thompson
    Chair of South Puget Sound Community Foundation and Heritage Committee leader
  • Bob VanSchoorl

In Memorium - Justice Robert Utter - Retired State Supreme Court Justice
Justice Utter was a founding member, and member of the CLIPA Board of Directors until his death in October 2014.

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