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Capitol Lake Improvement & Protection Association 'CLIPA'
Save the Lake Preserve the Past Improve the Future

FOWW Friends of Olympia Working Waterfront - a Save Capitol Lake Partner

FOWW is a group of businesses and individuals with an active interest in Capitol Lake, the Deschutes Estuary and the Olympia community. We are:

  • People who want to use the Boardwalk with their families to view the boats of the past and the present
  • People who have relied on the sequential decisions of government agencies to create a managed marine water front transition program for people and the environment
  • People who have invested in building an active downtown
  • People who understand that there is a balance of accommodating people’s needs with the environment while respecting the community decision process.

The Friends of the Olympia Working Waterfront believe that the studies completed to date by Capitol Lake Adaptive Management Plan (CLAMP) Steering Committee have significant missing elements and do not acurately define the impacts of the freshwater estuary options.

To assist with this discussion FOWW has presented what we believe are the missing elements of the CLAMP Studies and recommend a specific Plan of Action for consideration by the responsible State, County and local elected officials. In May 2009 we developed our F.O.W.W. Position Paper (10 page PDF).

In July 2010, CLIPA published a comprehensive study which includes our concerns and suggestions.

Friends of Olympia's Working Waterfront include these individuals and organizations:

  • Bob Wubbena, PE, Fiddlehead Marina
  • Roger Burgher, Martin Marina
  • Mike Contris, Island Home Chairman
  • Robert Connolly, Skillings and Connolly
  • John DeMeyer, OYC Board Chair
  • Neil Falkenburg, West Bay Marina
  • Jewel Goddard, Marina Owner
  • Jim Lengenfelder, South Sound Sailing Society
  • Russ Meixner, Capital City Yacht Sales
  • Ron Rants, Rants Group
  • Russ Shurtz, Shurtz Marine
  • Justice Robert F. Utter, (Retired)
  • Paul DeTray, P & P Investments
  • Carol Robinson, Inlet Marine Services
  • Chuck Eich, Nor-Pac Marine Surveyors
  • Carol Robinson, Nor-Pac Marine Surveyors
  • And Many More . . . . .

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